There were people on the rooftops,
Thousands surged in the street,
The cameras swept the faces,
We were focused on the gate.
The announcement came at midnight
The news spread door to door
The soldiers took up their positions
And the crowd roared out for more....
They had to even up the score
They didn't love their neighbour any more

The tanks rolled down the hillside
We were waiting for the train
We saw the village up in flames
And we never went back again
We dodged the snipers bullets
We were lucky to survive 
When the rockets hit the engine
It was only collateral damage, but we didn't realise
There are many powerful spirits up in the evening sky
Our angels will make all our enemies fry

If you give so little, and you take as you take, 
You'll all be undone.
You won't make a single Cent on your investment, 
There'll be no work done, 
And you know you can't get a single component 
As you surrender in the land of the rising sun....

We were waiting for the antibiotics
The queue went round the block
The police were looking nervous
It was nearly 11 O'clock
Only hours to go before
The operation lifts off
We were glued to the TV screens
But we saw nothing when the lights went off
People began to cough
My skin was turning soft

There was a roar as the jets flew overhead
We didn't know if they were ours or theirs
We heard no impact or explosion
But there was something in the air
In the early light we saw the chemical trails
Criss-crossed in the sky
Someone said it was too much of a co-incidence
But the others said it was a lie
Maybe they had their fingers in the pie
I could only manage a sigh

If you care so little, and you take as you take, 
You'll be completely undone my friend, 
You won't make a single Peso on the exchange rate, 
They'll all go back home
And you know you won't get a single component 
Over the border on the midnight run...

When they burned the libraries and the hospitals
We knew it was time to move on
We headed for the deepest forest
But we were never alone
They tracked us up the mountain roads
They were waiting as we reached the top
With silent black helicopters and triangular craft
They shot a bright beam of light at the distant crops
They moved in a series of hops 
The temperature suddenly dropped

Now the smoke fills all the horizon
They have us, each in a cage
The men around me whisper their plans
I tell them to act their age
It seems like a geological time
Since we were safe at home in our beds
They're letting us out tomorrow
When they've implanted this little chip at the back of our heads
It'll help us earn our daily bread
That's what they said.

If you love so little and you take as you take, 
You'll end up cold and lonely
And you won't make a single trace of advancement, 
You'll fall all the way down
And you know you just become a component, 
Exploited and enjoyed till your life is done... 
I refer you to ....