Dream, Dream

Dream, dream your life away
Imagine that you're back here another day
Living your life - exactly as you want to be
Feast your eyes - it's exactly what you want to see

'Cos your free - soaring up on high
There's a lengthening shadow as you streak across the sky
The people far below never heard your name
But they'll never forget as they put out the flames

And it's love...
They school you in the name of love
They fool you in the name of love
They rule you in the name of love
See, see from faraway
There's a cloud in the big blue sky and it's coming your way
No one sees the faces that haunt your dreams
No one knows your life is falling apart at the seams
You're so free, free to walk away
You walk in the mall with the kids on the very next day
The grass is greener in the light of the sun
The camera's turning and the raid has just begun
And it's love...
They woo you in the name of love
They walk through right you in the name of love
They really screw you in the name of love.
How do you unwind when you've just
pulverised a wedding party or a UN
aid compound. Answers on a postcard
please to:

'Who wants to be a Bombardier'
Diego Garcia Film Studios
PO Box 666
Diego Garcia
DG99 0AA

The winner receives two weeks paid
holiday with a B2 crew of their
choice. They will get to press
the big button.
(I confess - the second verse is not recorded yet!)