Globalisation - well I hope you're having stacks of fun.
I'm personally so infotained, and it's only just begun.
I love my little cable modem, in it's pretty shade of blue
I'm in the hotbot line, and you're in the petrol queue
What have we got and what are we going to do?
What are we not and what are we going through?
(Something in the upper atmosphere).

Globalisation, I'm three thousand miles from home,
Out here in the rice fields, where the beautiful people roam.
I can feel my connection with the Earth and everything in the skies
Oh No - it's a call on my satellite phone, excuse me, I really have to fly
What have we lost and what do we think we've found,
We listen so close, but still we don't hear the sound.
(Something in the upper atmosphere).

'Bought my ticket to the station, and I'm having the time of my life.
I've got McCartney on the headphones. I had a conference call with my wife.
These cosmonauts are bloody crazy, but we're brothers through and through.
I'm staring through the porthole and the whole thing is beautiful and blue.
How do we laugh and how do we feel brand new?
How do we love and get to the front of the queue?
(Something in the upper atmosphere).

  You're watching me, watching you, watching the forests below.
  It's daytime and night time and one day, it's time you must go.
  You slip through the airlock to nowhere, you're coming home fast,
  A beautiful shower. A shame it just couldn't last.
  You're out of the future and into the distant past...

In the back lanes of Calcutta and the markets of Abidjan
Those children are selling pieces of the same life that you began.
Their faces turn towards you, they're blinded by the light.
They haven't got a  clue where you're falling, but they need your love in the night.
Why do we run when we see their faces are bright?
We're ready to give, but it seems like we're ready to fight.
(Something in the upper atmosphere).

Globalisation - we don't need that stuff around here
Our people got far too much in common, we think outside folks are very, very queer
If you lay one electron on our border, you'll be history - a hole in the ground
And our children are doing so nicely. And our mother earth is spinning around...
What have we lost and what do we think we've found
We listen so close, but still we can't hear the sound
(Something in the upper atmosphere).


I was in New Delhi when I wrote this one
- stuck without a flight for a week or so with
my family in a hotel near the zoo.

I'm not having a go at Geordies, I'm
reflecting on the fact that it's the
working class who are manipulated and
sent out to do all the dirty work.