Pole Shift/
Wouldn't You Like?

1) Wouldn't you like to go where no-one went before
Wouldn't you like to see what no-one ever saw
Wouldn't you like to be like someone at the top
It could be so crazy, you would never stop
Wouldn't you like to see what happened in your future
Come to terms with all the things that'll happen in your past
Wouldn't you like to taste that delicate emotion
Stay - don't stay away.

  You can easily lose all your self-respect
  So be very careful before you genuflect
  Take one long final look at the familiar scene
  Now run like hell for shelter. You must try to be keen

2) Wouldn't you rather think like someone thought before
It could be so easy, you would know the score
Wouldn't you like to enter the absolute Truth
I could keep you posted, I could give you proof
Wouldn't you like to dance like the people with the culture
You could learn how to serve, oh wouldn't you like to sing
You're digging so deep for that exquisite emotion
Stay - don't stay away

  We will give you instruction, in how you should dream
  There's a chance you may dream of things we've never seen
  Don't worry, your consciousness will gradually open wide
  Your tears will flow out, like the evening tide

3) Wouldn't you like to be like no-one was before
You could be the handle, I could be the door
Wouldn't you like to taste that very special cup
I could move a little sideways, you could move on up
Wouldn't you like to see how we control the satellites
Wouldn't you like your money now
You better set sail tonight
Wouldn't you like to sit on the shoreline in the sunshine
Sail don't sail away

  You stand fearless as a rock on a bright new dawn
  Your mind rolls out across the well kept lawn
  You may fall in behind like a good little pawn
  For I am the rose who has no thorn

Middle 8
Don't turn off your beautiful eyes
There's someone speaking up on high
Open your skin to the brilliant light
Your mind is feeling so bright
And you're up most nights
And you don't want to fight
But you know you are right
So bright.

4) You are a spirit soul and I am a Capricorn
You are a soft machine and I am a leprechaun
In the year of the bat, the cat will eat the mat
Your mate will steal the grate
Your shaman will wear a big blue hat
Somewhere deep inside, the wheels are in motion
Somewhere in your eyes, there is someone with a smile
Suddenly you glimpse that secret emotion
Fly - don't fly away

  There won't be a moment, when you're actually all alone
  It'll be perfectly natural, you'll feel all at home
  Just take one of these and relax on the bed.
  I'll quickly stitch this little chip in the back of your head


'Pole Shift' is a little sound collage. There is a
haunting female voice singing what sounds like Thai
classical music. I recorded it from my short wave
radio over 30 years ago. Can anyone tell me more about
this music
? I could never listen to it without
feeling like I wanted to cry. It convinced me at a
crucial stage in my life that there is beauty in
this world after all.

Image based on another US WW11 recruiting poster.

I get fed up with badly motivated pseudo-mysticism.
There's a lot of it about. Try searching for
'Red Heifer' in Google one day.