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The Track
Born in a period when I was wandering around in the countryside near my home - with various cameras. The war was getting started in Afghanistan.

Free (The Lights Were Low) - Live
Jazzy live guitar version. I thought one day I might perform this for an audience. I think my voice is too far gone now...
Part of the development of the film 'Snake Bulletin'. In uncertainty, seeking healing - you get the picture!
All Of Those People - Live
A song that didn't get placed before. A simple piece of nonsense. Or is it?
Originally a song about biowar, written in the wake of the anthrax attacks in the US. I played it for a few people and they were completely confused. I think it actually works better without the words. As you listen to it, you can imagine what they could be!
Asylum Seekers (Red Tie) - Live
A simple live recording.
Car Park
A word sequence,not really a poem. A picture maybe, a sketch. Written in Sainsbury's car park in London Colney.
The apocalypse reaches Radlett. There was a period after 9/11 and the anthrax atacks where it all seemed very bleak. I'm sure it was in this period that the new wave of end-of-the-world movies had their genesis. '28 Days Later' comes to mind.
Vulnerable, Liable and At Risk
A collage of sounds and styles used in my short film 'The Road To Recovery'