You Need To Get Out More
Phase 2 - Burn Down

i) Eniwetok,Kosovo, Kandahar.
ii) Burn Down
iii) No One Raised The Question Of The Storms
iv) Strange Xenon Flows From The Iron Sun
v) Three In The Morning


Three in the Morning.

Three in the Morning, you got to wash your head
Clean your clothes and pack your bed
They're digging up the old runway today.

Steam curls around the window frame
The intercom is calling out your name
A coffee and a slice of toast and you're on your way.

And you're so sad about the things they say
But you jump in the Rover and you're on your way

The trucks rolled in all through the night
The sheds are busy in the morning light
The sun tumbles out from a smoke and dusty sky

The people at the top meet the people at the front
The people on the bottom only shiver and grunt
And you've seen better days come and go by

And you're so sad about the things you do
But you're following orders, it's the best that any man can do

The meat on the menu tastes a little strange
It's a lunchtime pint and you're back on stage
Got to play your part to win and hope and glory

You're burning all day and you're burning all night
You're studying the pictures from the satellite
It doesn't look good for the people down in the valley

And you're so sick of the protest at the gate
But the work must go on - it's already far too late!

We got Salmonella, we got e-coli
Our brains are jelly and we don't know why,
Maybe it fell from a comet or bubbled up from the deep blue sea

You're dreaming of faces, you're getting a thrill
The doctor gave you extra sleeping pills
You're dreaming of chimneys in Poland in 1943

Well you want to dream with your children while you can
You resign your commission, because you want to be a man.