You Need To Get Out More
Phase 1  - You Need a Hobby

i) You Need A Hobby
ii) Traffic Over Aurora
iii) Eggless Minx
iv) Rain Invocation
v) The Waters


Eggless Minx

There is no 'eggless minx' insisted
the captain for a fourth time.
'From day one it was a bloody cover...
...some clever software boffin in MI5'.

'We have to use all means to exert
our position!'

'If the bedrock thinking is closely laid
The superstructure...
... carefully measured and approved'

'From this one tower,
we may broadcast everything to everyone,
and we may begin to
digitize their
very souls......'

The Waters.

Well the waters came down down down
Yes the waters came down down down
I told my wife to pack up a bag
I rounded up my kids, got them off the ground
Now we're living on the rooftop
Keeping out the snakes
My future set sail on a great big yellow lake

Well the curtains came down down down
Yes, the curtains came down down down
I did my best to cover it up
Kept my nose right down on the ground
'If you don't see him, then he won't see you'
What's that? A philosophy? That just will not do!'

Well the preachers came down down down
Yes, the preacher men came right on down
They told me straight, they took my plate
They threw me out the gate at sundown
They told me they could could fix it, it would all make sense
If only I would recognise their innocence

Well the prices came down down down
Yes, the markets came tumbling down
I told my wife to pick up a bag on nails
I was waiting for the sound
The commander met me at the door
They strung me up by quarter past four

Well the vultures came down, down, down.
Yes, the vultures came swooping on down
The scratched my eyes, ripped my skin
Left the blood and bones all over the ground
We're sitting here in heaven, watching the show
We're watching you too, but you don't know.