You Need To Get Out More
Phase 4 - Media Frenzy

i) Media Frenzy
ii) Captain Lust
iii) Something's Going Wrong
iv) You're Not A Bloody Poet

Media Frenzy

Letter to the editor.

It was just too much stress watching it all on TV. I mean really! Good job we had the World Cup while the Indians and Pakistanis nearly nuked each other off the face of the Earth. They should arrange something to keep us happy like maybe a special Olympics, or maybe get the Stones to do a live marathon while they launch the first wave of cruise missiles. Who wants to see that nasty killing stuff on TV? Decent people just want to get on with their lives. We don't need to be reminded of how ugly it all is. Don't get me wrong, I support our boys. Just tell us on the news when it's all over. Surely we don't have to be disturbed by it every minute of the day. Do you think we can have a special Superbowl when they start on North Korea?

Lorna McSauna, Madison, Wisconsin.

Captain Lust

You storm across the land under cover of night
You know the sacred mission, you stand up for what is right
You pull on your black gloves, wind the window down
There's a stench of petrol in the air,
You'll show these filthy peasants and clowns

They're cowering in the hills somewhere, you'll deal with them later
Now it's time for a bonfire, you lob the grenade
The farmhouse bursts and crackles into life
You relax with a Vodka,
Put your feet up and study that old creased picture of your wife

The boys get frisky when they see the flames so bright
They're shooting at the cattle, bottles gleaming in the moonlight
They dance in a circle, loose a volley at the hills
'We need women' they cry and crash off to the village

Bobby in Brussels pulls up the web page
He orders the Serbian girl, he enjoys a little danger
He enters the card details while dialling LA
'Hi honey, it's me, did you get the kids off to school OK?'

Something's Going Wrong

Well, yes, I used to do it. Now that I don't, I'm healthier and stronger. I have several friends who are struggling like hell to stop. It's not an aid to good music, good art or good imagination in any way. It helps you fool yourself - like religion and capitalism. Oh, and by the way, who grew it and where does all the money go?

You're Not A Bloody Poet

You're not a bloody poet,
You don't speak for me,
With your fancy expressions
And your peppermint tea.

You're not a bloody poet
When you make people laugh,
With your poncy stories,
You big lanky giraffe!

You're not a bloody poet
You just can't take the pain
You make up little spells
To taste a little fame

You're not a bloody poet
And I'll see you outside.
You've gone too far now.
I'll knock down your feeble pride.

You're not a bloody poet.
Send my sister back home.
I'll stuff your poetry down your throat,
You'd better leave her alone.

Your not a bloody poet,
You're an egomaniac.
Surfing all those innocent minds,
With your hand in your plastic mac.

You're not a bloody poet,
You're a waste of bloody space
And I'm gonna write my bloody poetry,
Right across your bloodshot face!