Prayer Title Narrative.

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a Topic 1 I'm a Little Alien This poem asks deep questions about the origin of the human race. (The Master later revealed that his semen arrived on the primeval Earth in a meteorite from the Delta Quadrant)
b Dialogue 1 'I'd been walking in the hills...' The first Question placed by mEarth receives a warm response from the Representative. ;
c Topic 2 The Master Pontificates and Rains on the Parade As the Master speaks, the clouds open and the drought in our dry souls is ended
d Dialogue 2 'Give yourself totally.' There can be doubt in spiritual life, but only within properly defined limits
e Topic 3 Something in the Water Are you ready yet to go all the way? Are you surrounded by house and family? Shake off the shackles and share the satisfaction of surrender!
f Dialogue 3 'A spiritual relationship...' The Questions get more pointed, and the answers more purifying and cleansing.  
g Topic 4 Daz Reject false doctrines, see them for what they are - an extension of your own uncleanliness. Get in the Hotpoint and get out those biological stains.  
h Dialogue 4 'The Centres started to open...' mEarth offers what seems like praise, but no gratitude. The Representative establishes the basis for spiritual life on Earth.
i Topic 5 Tea Leaves Conflict among followers led the Master to make the First Great Disappearing Act. He made His Re-Appearance in the recording studio, but left at the end of this track to prepare India and South Asia for the Awakening.  
j Dialogue 5 'A human reactor.' The Master established the basis of accurate Social Technology, which allowed the Earth to align with the Universal Force Fields. . 
k Topic 6 Where are You? The mea-culpa prayer sung by aspirants during Gathering Time. Sung here by the Representative in his First Earthly Incarnation. 
l Dialogue 6 'Willing participants in the awakening...' The Representative began to focus mEarth's mind, down to the molecular level. 
m Topic 7 Faridabad The Master taught first in Faridabad, a grimy industrial city south of New Delhi. At the end of His first week of teaching, He asked aspirants to bring out their bottles of whisky, which he miraculously transformed into khir, or sweet rice.  
n Dialogue 7 'Why can't you show some gratitude?' The Representative blesses mEarth with just a little of his Divine Anger, 
o Topic 8 Nothing At All The population of the Earth became forgetful and restless. mEarth was unable to keep the Great Vision afloat, and people began reporting lights in the sky. In this atmosphere of despair, politics and history re-emerge. 
p Dialogue 7 'You can be re-initialised...' mEarth became judgmental, invoking a strong response.
q Topic 9 Ghost Without the guidance and mental energy supplied by mEarth, the population begins to experience Dark Moments.
r Dialogue 9 'The pain of the entities...' mEarth's doubts step beyond the limits set for the organic. The Representative reverts to the Universal Speech to correct her circuits.
s Topic 10 The Monster at the Bottom mEarth has a nightmare. The Representative appears as a monster produced from a combination of murderous intent and industrial pollution.  
t Dialogue 10 'Our own energy patterns...' mEarth directly challenges and threatens the Representative, and receives a clear message in return.  
u Topic 11 The Master is Gone/Welcome to the 21st Century As politics and history take hold once more on planet Earth, so radio broadcasting begins again, after having been abolished at the Completion of the Mission of the Motor Homes. A worldwide dread sets in as the BBC is heard once again. The entities cry out for the Master. 
v Dialogue 11 'It could never be too late...' mEarth cannot tolerate the separation and the pain of the entities. She looks deep into her being and comes to the Conclusion. The Representative welcomes her warmly. 
w Topic 12 The Ballad of Holy Moses The Representative leaves His Last Message in the Solar System as he sets off for the planetary system at Barnard's Star to serve the Master once again. His Last Cryptic Words are studied for  centuries. "Play 'Norwegian Wood' backwards and look at yourself in a mirror while chanting the ancient tantric mantra: 'Auwwaa Tanna Sie-yam'". 

This mantra is for you and it's free. Keep repeating it. Did the magic work on you yet? Let me know if you had enough levity to reach this point in the stratosphere.  We can go further together - believe me - trust me - we can go much further.