Dear Aspirant

You have made the right choice. By giving up your selfish desires, and surrendering your flawed intelligence to a bona-fide representative of the Supreme Sole, you have made your life supremely successful.

We have put online the First Level Instructional Material (FLIM) for you. These essential instructions appear in the form of Prayers and Dialogues, poems and songs, on which you must meditate and reach the Conclusion.  The Dialogues take place between the Master's Representative and mEarth, a prime created entity.  

You can listen via streaming audio in Windows Media or Real Audio formats. If you read and listen carefully to these Materials, you will attain Tranception. 

You have all my best wishes for the journey which you are about to undertake.

Asst. Cleaner of the Master's Keyboard.

PS. Of course, The Master is expecting you. You have been His servant for many lifetimes. Now wash your hands and feet, sit quietly and purify your mind before you enter His Holy Presence.

PPS. I understand that there are still some people who have a doubting nature. The absolute proof of the masters munificence is all around us, but for those blind souls who cannot accept, we have prepared some special evidence.