Collateral Damage




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01 Intro (The Me Generation/The Nuclear Ideal)
02 Living in a Cupboard
03 (Trying to come through…) The Tunnel (Instrumental)
04 Components
05 Globalisation
06 Best Friend
07 The Lights Were Low
08 Blue Room
09 Red Tie
10 The Great Red Spot (Infomental)
11 Dream, Dream
12 Collateral Damage
13 I Used To Know
14 I Scream In The Sun
15 Pole Shift (Collage) / Wouldn’t You Like?
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"Even the safest room in your home is not safe enough, however. You will need to block up windows in the room, and any other openings, and to make the outside walls thicker, and also to thicken the floor above you, to provide the strongest possible protection against the penetration of radiation. Thick, dense materials are the best, and bricks, concrete or building blocks, timber, boxes of earth, sand, books, and furniture might all be used". - 'Protect and Survive - UK Government Booklet. 1980'.